Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Inspiration

I was originally trying to do scheduled posts every day and Weekly Inspiration was supposed to be on Mondays, but I'm not very organized so that sort of fell through.  Plus blogging for the Crafting in Color Team takes up a good chunk of my blogging energy.

So that's why this Weekly Inspiration post is happening at the end of the week.  Oops!

I wanted to share some awesome pictures from the CIC Team Flickr Pool.  These are some images that were added recently and I freaking love them:

 Just straight up SO CUTE.  Love the little flower embroidery!

 Just awesome.  Those glasses rock.

If you look closely, the item is photographed on handmade paper with the shops logo!  Subliminal advertising = so clever! 

Prettiest paper (or is it fabric?) ever!  Love it on the yellow background.
Resin!!  So shiny and I love the colors!

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