Monday, March 22, 2010

Soul Food Fundraiser at the Local Girl Gallery

On Saturday night, Devon and I went out to Lakewood on the west side of Cleveland to hang out at the Local Girl Gallery.  A friend of mine at work had suggested that I donate some crafty handmade items to the Soul Food fundraiser which was going to raise money for a church that provides hot meals and food to the hungry.

So of course I said "Heck yes I'll donate something!"

I ended up making a big gift basket of resin goodies and everything had to be food-themed so I used lots of candy and rainbow sprinkles :)

Here are some photos from that night.  The fundraiser ended up raising $3600!

My goodie basket.  The pendant and earrings on the stand are mine too.  My gift basket plus the cute cupcake purse behind it sold for $55 at the auction!  (A little low, I think, especially considering that my basket was worth $125+ but that's ok because it's all for a good cause!)

I just love that rainbow ribbon and I can't wait to use it for something else :)

A shot of the gallery.

Another shot.  There were SO MANY people there!  It was crazy!

Knitted fruit and vegetable hats for babies.  This was by far my favorite item up for auction!!

The cards are by a friend of mine from work (Dawn) and the adorable cherry jewelry is by another coworker (Jessica)!  (Check out Jessica's jewelry shop here.)

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  1. Wonderful!

    Knitted fruit and vegetable hats for babies. This was by far my favorite item up for auction!!


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