Thursday, March 18, 2010

14 Jobs I'll Never Have

14 jobs I will never have (and I'm OK with that):

  • Police Officer
I have WAY too much anxiety in my normal, every day life.  I would not be able to function if my life was always on the line!

 • Brain Surgeon
Again, too much anxiety.  What if I sliced something incorrectly?!  Also, I don't feel like going through that much schooling.

 • Engineer
My husband is an engineer.  It sounds soooooo boring.  (Sorry, babe.)

 • Pro Basketball Player
I'm too short and chubby.  Basketball was my least favorite sport in gym class.  But I loved archery!  Maybe I could be a professional archer.  I could be Mrs. Robin Hood!

 • Movie Actress
It would be lovely to make kajillions of dollars, but eh.  I'm not really that interested.  Plus, the paparazzi sound like a bunch of jerks.

My first ever job was at a coffee shop when I was 15.  It sucked.  If I ever get the opportunity to do that again, I'm gonna pass.

That's right up there with "engineer" on my list of Most Horrifically Boring Jobs Ever.

Yeah, I had to look that one up.  It's a scientist that studies spiders.  No thanks.  I get shudders just thinking about it.

 Ghost Hunter
I've seen tons of ghost hunting shows on TV, and if they ever once actually had any tangible proof, I might look into it because it sounds kind of awesome.

 Flight Attendant
I hate flying.

I don't think I need to explain this one.

 Underwear Model
Also self-explanatory.

Side note:  Do NOT search for stock photos of underwear models unless you want to look at porn by accident.

 Repo Man (or Woman)
I keep seeing previews for that movie with Jude Law.  Creeeepy!  Damn he's super hot though.

Too late to get married to God.  I already tied the knot!

What job do you never want to have?

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