Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stuff on Etsy - Rainbow Bags!

Seriously, who doesn't like rainbows? They are bright and fun and so many colors and they just make me happy. And I always feel like I've gotten a teensy bit of good luck if I see one in the sky.

Since the weather is getting pretty gross here in Cleveland, all I want to think about is spring time, but it's soooo far off. (Depressing.) So let's think about rainbows instead. Better yet, let's think about rainbow purses. Because I don't know a single woman who is not totally obsessed with handbags, ok?

So here's some funky, colorful rainbow bags for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Rainbow Hearts 'n Stars Funky Messenger by magnolyadesigns
  2. Pleated Rainbow Bag FREE SHIPPING TO US and CANADA by DaDootDoots
  3. Rainbow Knit Bag by togethershop
  4. Color Chunks Kids Backpack by Incoloration
  5. Over The Rainbow Bag (Sparkly Red Apples) by littleoddforest
  6. Rainbow - Granny Bag by charmdesign
  7. Happy Day Eco Bag by masalachai
  8. Rainbow Mini Bag by TQUILTSnMORE

1 comment:

  1. These are truly fabulous finds! I love the bright colors... perfect for accessorizing...especially during the dreary winter months! I've found some new favorites! Thank you!


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