Monday, October 5, 2009

Mushroom tattoo!

I finally went and did it, and got myself another tattoo on Friday night!


It's the cutest little cluster of mushrooms ever, totally retro, inspired by this purse that I got (handmade!) from Smashing Threads.

I own this awesome bag. Jealous? Yes.

It's on the upper left side of my chest... I suppose you could call it my shoulder? My clothes mostly hide it, except for a teensy bit that peeks out, which we totally did on purpose, because you don't get tattoos to hide them. They are art, and you get them to show off. At least I do! :)

Do please notice the oozing blood. Yellow ink + blood = orange!

Anyway it's freaking awesome. It's so stinking cute, I can't even stand it. But it hurrrrts. I'm like 85% convinced it's infected, but I am a pretty paranoid/anxious person, so I'm sure it's actually fine and just looks gross because it's a freaking open wound and that's how tattoos heal. (I really need to just stop self-diagnosing myself based on information I get on the interwebz.)

I got it done on Friday night 10/2/09 and the artist is Sarah Fish from Gen X, who also did the Gemini constellation on my right foot two years ago. (OMG that was 2 years ago?! Ugh. Old.) She literally scanned my purse and made up a cute little design from that, and we took the colors almost directly from the bag, except for the butterfly, which we decided to color blue so it would POP!

Did I mention that it hurts? There's some bruising around the edges, and of course it's really tender. I'm pretty sure poor Devon has had it up to here with me whining about it. He said I'm not allowed to complain since it's self inflicted pain. I said, "Noooo it's self inflicted ART," and then I called him some colorful adjectives. :)

I am already plotting my next one, possibly on the other shoulder, possibly a pair of scissors since I'm so damn crafty, maybe with some little cute flowers to match the ones in the shroom tattoo, so they relate. Although I'm not really thrilled with the idea of more pain right now, so I think I'll wait a while! People say that tattoos are totally addictive, and they are NOT kidding!

By the way, there are more photos of the tattoo process and the actual tattoo on my Flickr page, and I will certainly be posting more once it's completely healed!

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  1. I love it! And it'll stop hurting soon. Then it'll itch like crazy! Hehe.....Oh and yes, they're very addicting. I'm about to get my 9th one. WooHoo!


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