Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stuff on Etsy - Leg Warmers

Ok, I concede. Fall is finally here. (Dammit.) So that means it's cold and gross outside. Which makes me think about warm, cozy clothing. The coziest, cutest thing I can think of? Leg warmers. It's time to accept that the 80s are back, people.

  1. Lilac Leg Warmers by deliriumkredens
  2. Fall Paisley Soft Recycled Upcycled Sweater Knit Flare Leg Warmers by MountainGirlClothing
  3. Mint Green Lola Legwarmers by mademoisellemermaid
  4. The Cutest Leg Warmers In The World by violetbella
  5. Blue Leg Warmers by nickiefrye
  6. Cheery Rainbow Button-Up Ladies Spats. by LaJolieFemmeDeMarron
  7. Roxy knit legwarmer spats by Happiknits
  8. Leg Warmers - Plum Heather - Classic Wool by BargainBoutique

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