Friday, October 9, 2009


Inspiration can come to us in the strangest ways. I don't mean like, inspiration for making crafty stuff, although I seem to find inspiration for that in weird places too. But I'm talking about just straight up inspiration for LIFE.

I don't know about you, but most mornings I wake up and the first thought out of my brain is "Ugghhhh I can't dooo eeet." Pretty depressing. I think this happens because I a) don't *love* my day job and b) suffer from depression and anxiety anyway. Sometimes I seriously honestly struggle with the will to carry on. I often think things like, "Gosh, it would be sooooo nice to be a kitty so that my biggest worry would be figuring out where to nap each day." (Ok, that might be because I'm just lazy and love naps!)

But I think it's really nice when something uplifting and inspiring comes my way, even when it's totally random, no matter where it comes from.

Today, it came from my fortune cookie. :)

Geez, I feel like I could conquer the freaking world after reading that! Woo!

I hope you all have something little and happy and random and wonderful come your way today. :)

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