Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photoshopped tattoo

I spent literally HOURS last night doing this. I'm not sure why I started. Oh wait, I remember now. (I had the idea so long ago that I almost forgot!)

I'm going to use my new mushroom tattoo as the logo for my blog. :)

The blue and green swirly stripes that I have going now are ehhhh, ok, but they're not really like, me. They're not perfect. I don't even like the color blue, really.

So yeah, here's what I did for like 5 hours last night (Photoshop is an awesome time-killer!)

The first image is an actual photo of the tattoo. The middle pic is that photo taken down to its bare bones... a black and white, high contrast outline. And the third image is the colored image. It turned out so cute!

So anyway, look out for another blog revamp. It's on the way!

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