Sunday, October 11, 2009

Edison High School 2009 Marching Band Review

Ok so last night, I drove out to Sandusky, Ohio (technically Milan, Ohio, but it's so tiny that no one has ever heard of it and Sandusky is close enough), which is where my fiance grew up and his parents still live there, because Devon was playing tuba in the Edison High School Marching Band Review alumni band! Tuba! Can you think of anything more geeky/awesome?! I can't!

Devon played in his high school marching band all through high school, and his younger sister Eliz did too, so they were both playing in the alumni band last night and it was totally awesome.

It was a BLAST! Let me tell you. There were nine marching bands total from the surrounding areas, and Devon's high school (Edison High School... named for Thomas Edison) hosted the event, so I got to see his high school (mostly the athletic field) which was pretty cool.

I won't lie... I was kind of bored through most of it. But then stuff started happening. Like this one band played a drum cadence on garbage cans. And then this other band stripped their uniforms off and had crazy Halloween costumes on underneath.

But best of all was seeing Devon playing the tuba. I almost teared up.

There he is! He's the tuba with the lighting bolt all the way to the left. And his sister is in the same row, dead center in the photo, playing snare drum, looking off to the left.

Since the high school, middle school, and almuni bands all played together, there were over 300 people out on that field. It was madness. It was so freaking loud! Totally amazing. Gave me goosebumps :)

In order, they played The Horse, Basin Street Blues, The Final Countdown, and the finale was Land of 1000 Dances. Check out the video of the finale!

That would be me cheering at the end. I loved the fire extinguishers!

So it was a totally cool evening. I'm really glad I got to see Devon play in the band at least once in my life, because I think it's pretty unlikely that his mom and I will be able to talk him into it ever again!

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