Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stuff on Etsy - Coasters

We may have plucked our coffee table off the side of the road on garbage day, but that does not mean we don't want to protect it's lovely scratched, dented, cigarette-burned surface.

I have several sets of coasters, none of which I use, but all of which I love.

Here are some of my current faves on Etsy.

  1. Coaster Set - Inspired by funkychickendesign
  2. Owl Gocco Print 4 Chipboard Bar and Lounge Coasters - Set No. 4 by Kerry Beary by kerrybeary
  3. CRAZY DAISIES COASTERS - Set of 4 by AHappyHome
  4. Grand Old Florida Coasters by johnnyvintage
  5. Pink Mod Coasters by GuthDesigns
  6. Recycled Eggo Box Coasters by TKAMCrafts
  7. Birkin Bag Cocktail Napkins - Set of 8 by avrilloreti
  8. Wine Glass Slippers - Brights - Set of 4 by GracieDesigns

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