Friday, September 4, 2009

CONTEST - Resin Pieces

As of 11:59am 10/2/09
Thanks to all who participated!

I made these adorable little resin pieces, but I have no idea what to do with them!

I made the big pink one into a pendant, which I selfishly kept for myself. :)

The smaller pieces are all about 1/2" to 3/4" in size, and maybe 1/4" thick. I love the little coral colored tear drops. I think they're my fave.

I need your help. What should I turn the little guys into?

If I use your idea and make the creation you suggest, you'll win it!

  1. Leave a comment on this post with your idea.
  2. Also leave your email address.
  3. I repeat: LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! If you don't, I won't have any way to contact you if you win and then you'll be sad.

The contest will run for 4 weeks.
On Friday 10/2/09, I'll pick a winner and notify you via email.
If you win, I'll make your idea and ship it off to you! Hurrah!

at 11:59am!

Good luck!
I love you! :)

As of 11:59am 10/2/09
Thanks to all who participated!


  1. First thing that comes to mind is earrings. You've got great pairs!

    Another thought with the teardrops is make a few more, then put them together as a flower. The teardrops then turn into petals. Just a thought!

  2. The colours go well together I'd like to see them linked together as a nice chunky bracelet - maybe with some plaun brights in between so the aprkles stand out. The teardrops could be attached by the top so they hang down a little lower almost like charms.
    Great competition ;o)

    Jenny from Daisyfleur

  3. ARG! Danielle cheated and stole my flower idea! I though it would make a neat pendant or brooch!

  4. how about you wire-wrap them and make them into a pendants or pins (like whimsicals). You can also find settings for the smaller shapes and make cool rings out of them :0)

  5. I think they would be super cute as chunky sparkle rings! Maybe add something to the tops of them. You can find cute buttons and accent each one =)I've seen some silver flat skulls that would fit perfect on top!

  6. glue them on magnets so people can create their own artwork on their fridges

  7. Those owuld make great wire wrapped pendants... especially the square ones. You could even incorporate multiple pieces into one pendant.

  8. The teardrops would be lovely hanging under little bows and made into earrings. You could put googly eyes on them and make them into rings or maybe 3-d flowers or butterflies on the top in the corner and make them into rings or earrings. :)

  9. Gosh I'm so uncreative but I suggest a necklace with some cute small beads that go with the color of each of those.


  10. Great glittery goodness!
    Those cabs would be perfect for a deco-style headband. Grab any firm headband (not a fabric wrap style), some cute feathers and a filigree piece larger than the cab. Glue the cab to the filigree, affix the feathers behind it, and attach to the headband for a great hairpiece.

  11. I think of smaller pendants...or use them for charm bracelets! You could have one of the resin pieces as the 'focal point', and then hang some other beads around it. Just some thoughts :)

    aestraea [at]


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