Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yard Sale - Results!

Ok, so selling my crafty stuff at my grandma-in-law's annual yard sale during the Milan Melon Festival wasn't as profitable as I had hoped... in fact, I didn't sell a single watermelon-themed anything! But I did make like $100, which is cool. It was totally exhausting, but I had fun, and I got to hang out with like 4 dogs, including my BFF Jeep:

We put one of my pendants on him so he would be walking doggy advertising. :)

My set up turned out pretty nice. Check out the pic:

Someone suggested that I use Scrabble trays to display the Scrabble tile pendants, which was pretty genius. It turned out nice.

I also used a black shelf thingy from the yard sale to give a little height. My magnets were all stuck on the magnet board that Devon made out of a poster frame and sheet steel.

Check out my Flickr yard sale set to see more photos!

So all in all, it was a good, busy, hectic weekend, and I got to eat fried pickles and I made enough money for a tattoo, so I'm pretty pleased ;)


  1. You display looks great - yard sale shoppers aren't art shopping people - different mind set.
    Know what I mean - but you are ready to go at an art fair event.
    Lots of inventory ... now find other ART VENUES!
    (You probably already know this).

  2. the scrabble tile pendants look good on the trays!


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