Friday, June 5, 2009

Cool Etsy Finds - Unicorns

I've been slightly obsessed with unicorns lately. They just feel so retro to me. And they are often sparkly, and god knows I love sparkly stuff.

Here are some cool handmade unicorn-themed items I found on Etsy. Enjoy!

Unicorn no.15 coral with lavender details by Penguin and Fish

Enchanted Unicorn Silver Pendant Necklace by Superfumi

Unicorn and Ice Cream - Earrings by Indy Grrrl Productions

Whimsical Unicorn on Purple Zipper pouch by Madame Cupcake

The Feeding limited edition screenprint by DWITT

Rainbow Unicorns - Polymer Clay beads by Ladybug Beads by Ladybug Beads

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