Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jason and Amy's Wedding Weekend

Ok, I will not bore you with all the little minute details of our weekend (mostly because we just got home and that would take forever and I am freaking tired), but I do want to mention some stuff since I've already blogged about this wedding a couple of times in the past few weeks.

Here we go:

It took a half hour to check into our hotel. I don't know why. Yes I do. There were four people in line (including us) and one desk clerk, and she was SO SLOW. It was highly irritating. I am, by nature, NOT a patient person. Not at all. In fact, I am very impatient. So I was not thrilled about that. It made us late to the rehearsal dinner. Also not cool. I hate being late. But it was fine, and we got through it, and I looked cute in my blue dress and they fed us sandwiches.

Jason (the groom) took us on a little tour of this hometown via foot, since the town square is only like, really small. I was in my grown up shoes though, so I was also not completely thrilled about that either, but it was nice, and he was really excited to show us, so I kept my bitchy mouth shut.

I spent most of the actual wedding day (today) by myself, or at least without Devon, since he was a groomsman and was part of the wedding party. But before we went to the ceremony, we snapped some super cute pictures of ourselves looking dressed up and snazzy. Here is my fave:

I know. We're freaking adorable. Also my hair is awesome. Ok moving on.

Like I said, most of the day I spent by myself and hanging out with Devon's friends (which was hard for me because I'm so socially anxious) but it was ok because everybody was so nice and included me and I felt special, so thanks to all the Theta Chi guys (and girlfriends/fiances/wives) for that. :)

During the ceremony, I sat waaaay in the back, so all of my photos have the backs of peoples heads in them. Bummer. But here's a pretty good one of the groomsmen. They looked so nice!

Left to right = Jason's brother Adam (best man), Jason's brother Michael, Jason's friend/fraternity brother Chase, and Jason's friend/frat brother Devon (my fiance). Don't they look so handsome in their suits? (Devon's doesn't match. But I bet you wouldn't have known if I never said anything!)

It was a super fast ceremony, and then Devon had to be in like 23875239 pictures, and then we went to the reception which was really chillaxed and informal and lovely and they served grilled chicken and pulled pork sandwiches and green beans and cheesy potatos and cole slaw and like 4 different desserts and I had coffee and was happy.

Then they made me participate in the bouquet toss. It was not awesome. As I mentioned before, I am pretty socially anxious, and I HATE being in front of people, but they dragged me into it (even though I'm already engaged!) because they needed a full crowd of ladies for the photos, haha. And the bridesmaids were like, ok we're going to FIGHT for it, ok, just for the photos. Use elbows. And I was like, You know, I'm probably going to pass on that. But anyway, it was fun, and Devon's friend/frat buddy Dan M.'s fiance Ashley caught it! Even though she's already engaged too. And the bridesmaids didn't try to fight her. Thank god.

You can't actually see me because Devon is a crap photographer, but I think you can see a bit of my crazy red hair. :)

So that was pretty much the end of it. We got all the Theta Chi guys together for a photo right before we left, which was really nice. I turned out super cute:

Left to right (I'll give you the names as I actually know these fraternity brothers because of how Devon refers to them): Woberto, Posta, Amito (you can't see his face, just a piece of his red shirt), Dan M., Chase, Jason (the groom), Devon, and I am soooooo sorry that I can't remember the last guy's name but he had a cool camera and his wife is pregnant!

Then we went home.

Well, first we changed into comfy clothes in the parking lot. That was special.

And also we stopped for gas/beverages and to go pee. Check out this cool moth Devon found in the gas station parking lot.

I know, cool moth, huh?

Ok I'm freaking tired and Devon went out to have a beer with his buddies (I didn't go because I don't drink! But that's another story for another time.) so I am going to get in bed and make my cats snuggle with me and read my book until I fall asleep!

Whew! ;)


  1. I love the hair! Shame it is already fading!!!

  2. I have never seen a moth like that. Cool!


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