Friday, May 22, 2009

StumbleUpon - Animals

Today, I started a StumbleUpon account.

If you're not familar with StumbleUpon (or if you see it everywhere on the web but have no idea what it is, like me), check out the About page of their website. It should explain everything pretty clearly.

It's basically a social networking site that you rate and share all your favorite websites and web content on. It helps you bookmark, organize, and find the best/your fave internet goodies. You can download a toolbar for your Firefox browser that gives you buttons right on your browser so you don't keep having to log into the StumbleUpon website every time you find something you want to save.

(See my previous post on other awesome add-ons for Firefox here.)

You can also tell StumbleUpon what topics interest you, and it will find cool websites on those topics for you at the click of a button. I said I liked Animals, and here are some of the websites I "stumbled upon" (hur hur hur):

  • - Cute pictures of little baby animals with hilarious/odd captions.
  • Cats In Sinks - Seriously, that's it. Just pictures of cats in sinks.

Another cool thing you can do with StumbleUpon is tell it if you like a website or hate it. If you like it, StumbleUpon will show you more websites like it. If you hate it, StumbleUpon will avoid websites like that in the future.

Try it out for yourself. It's great to mess around on when you're bored out of your skull, and you might find something really weird/random/interesting on it. (If you do, share it with me. I totally want to see it!)

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