Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Fun Firefox Add-Ons

If you're still living in the dark ages and using Internet Explorer, do yourself a favor and pop on over to and download the latest free version of Firefox, which is totally the best internet browser EVER. It's like 348943 times awesomer than Explorer. It's easier to use and just plain prettier and you can do all kinds of fun things with it!

Check the Firefox Features page on the Mozilla website to learn about some of the cool stuff Firefox can do, such as bookmark tagging (similar to blog post tagging, or Etsy item tagging), parental controls, password manager, a fabulous pop-up blocker, download manager, built-in spell checker, search suggestions, and all kinds of other cool/useful features.

There are also tons of add-ons that you can install to personalize Firefox and make it perfect for you and your browsing habits. Check out the add-ons page to browse through them.

Some of my favorite Firefox add-ons include:

TwitterFox - Twitter right from your browser without having to have the actual website open.

Colorful Tabs - Turns each tab a different color (that you can choose/customize if you want) so you can differentiate between them more easily.

Personas - Themes for your browser. My favorite is Bright Pink Summer.

Morning Coffee - Bookmark the websites you visit most often, and Morning Coffee will open them ALL for you with just one click.

ReminderFox - A little to-do list right in your browser. It'll even give you a pop-up alert to remind you to do stuff.

Colorzilla - Allows you to suck up any color on the web with the eyedropper tool. Pretty cool/useful for amateur graphic designers such as myself. :)

Gmail Notifier - Syncs with your Gmail account and alerts you when you have unread messages. Perfect for email addicts.

Hint: If you're already an avid Firefox user/lover, check out their Tips and Tricks page to learn about some stuff you didn't even know Firefox could do!

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