Monday, March 9, 2009


My Etsy/blogger friend Madame Cupcake made me this freaking awesome custom purse! I HAD to share it with you guys. (Make sure you check out her shop because she makes lots of cute little zippy pouches too [I have two of them!])

She used awesome fabrics by Jay McCarroll that I picked out, and I think it's an Amy Butler pattern, and this purse is so cool, and it's so sturdy and such excellent quality and I'm so pumped that it's one of a kind and Devon has got to be so sick of me talking about it.


I have already filled my new bag with lots of purse junk:
Umbrella, pharmaceutical pens, mail, Mace, etc.


  1. i'm sooo glad you like it! and i'm happy it finally showed up at the post office, sheesh i was getting worried! lol

  2. I have that Jay McCarroll fabric!!! I LOVE it. Such cute little deer...


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