Monday, March 9, 2009

Adventures at JoAnn Fabrics

I had to run up to our local JoAnn Fabrics store this weekend because apparently my Michael's doesn't sell freaking resin molds anymore (bastards), and I asked a sales lady if they had any in the back, and she said, "No, we don't carry those" even though I'd bought one from that exact store just a couple of weeks ago. But whatever. I let it go and got some candy making molds to try instead, and then I went and got Devon and made him come with me to JoAnn's to see if they had resin molds there (they didn't). But we still had a fun time because craft stores = freaking awesome.

Whilst frolicking in the wood aisle, and whilst I was momentarily distracted by the pretty things, Devon created this masterpiece on a shelf out of some wooden letters:

Hurrah! I'm famous!

I bet the employees were totes confused when they went to tidy up the store. I also very sneakily left some of my business cards for my Etsy shop in strategic places. And when we left and I was telling Devon about this, he said, "When did you do that? I didn't even see you!" and I was like, "I know, that's because I'm a ninja."

I would also like everyone to know that JoAnn's has a much better/more extensive selection of scrap booking paper, though not as many other scrap booking goodies such as stickers, punches, brads, stamps, etc.

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