Monday, March 9, 2009

Digital Collage Sheets

For those of you who make Scrabble tile pendants or glass pendants and have a hard time finding cool images to put on them (because there are only so many magazines you can steal from your doctors office and cut up into little pieces, and scrap booking paper will only take you so far and you are a crappy photographer so you can't make your own images), I have collected a list of Etsy shops that sell these crazy things called "digital collage sheets". What are digital collage sheets, you say? Why, I'll tell you!

They are grids of custom artwork, stock photos, or other images that are smooshed into a jpeg file that is sent to your email once you purchase the "sheet". They are super high quality so the images are really fine and detailed and not grainy or pixelated. You can take the file to Kinkos or print it out yourself, and then take it home and cut up the little squares to put on your pendants! Hurrah!

Here's some examples (click on the image to visit the shop listing):

Some of my favorite Etsy shops that sell these digital collage sheets:

(You can find more by searching tags such as "scrabble tile pendant" or "digital collage" or any mix of those words under either Handmade Items or Supplies. They should show up under both categories.)

Now please don't go buying all the awesome digital collage sheets that I am planning to buy because then we will end up with the same pendants and I will be totally pissed! Just kidding. Sort of. I mean, that's what these collages are for! And there are SO MANY people who make pendants and sell them on Etsy that it is very unlikely that images with the same images will pop up. I hope. I am (unfortunately) too poor to buy digital collage sheets from all these shops so we should be in good shape.

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