Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flower Magnets

I just re-priced all the flower magnets in my Etsy shop. I think they are really reasonably priced now. Check them out. They're really cute, and they look fab on the fridge. I made a bunch for myself that I'm keeping.

The photos of these magnets in my shop aren't that great (I should probably redo them) since they were the first items I ever listed when I was just learning the ropes of Etsy. But the magnets look great in person and they're super strong.

The prices are as follows:
  • 1 large magnet = $2.50
  • 3 small magnets (set) = $3.00
  • 3 large magnets (set) = $6.00
You can find these magnets by visiting my Etsy shop. They're on the last couple pages, or you could search for tag "funky flower magnet" and they should come up.

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