Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Light box


I got a light box!!!

Most people are economical and make one out of a cardboard box and white paper (see this article on how/why to make one by the Storque on Etsy), but I am either really freaking smart or very stupid. I went to Target and bought a white box! (And by "I bought," I mean "Devon bought.") I just went to the home organizing section and got a white plastic square box that actually came with a free lid so when I'm done I can use it for storage. Hurrah!

I have a cheap-o desk lamp (also from Target) that cost like $11, and I was using a regular light bulb but it made my photos all yellow and not pretty so I bought a daylight bulb and all of these items combined are making my photos FREAKING GORGEOUS.

I am so excited and my interest in my Etsy shop is totally renewed because my photos are completely rejuvenated. So keep an eye out for much improved photos in my shop. :)

Here are some pictures of my new light box:

P.S. I do not know why Joe felt she had to explore the box, but apparently it was very interesting because she hung out in there a lot when I wasn't taking photos.


  1. I love the cat in the box, lol

  2. Haha yeah she was so helpful! :)

  3. Looks like a cat box to me! Isn't it funny how no matter how small a change you make in the house, the cat will find it immediately and spend much time exploring it's possibilities.


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