Thursday, June 3, 2010

Favorite Activity: Garbage Picking

Half the furniture in my house is either second-hand or plucked from the side of the road on trash day.

Check out this incredible mid-centrury vinyl chair we garbage picked earlier this week:

Isn't it gorgeous?! It's in great condition! It has some scratches on the edges of the vinyl, and a typewriter sat on it for a long time and left marks (we garbage picked the typewriter too!), and it was filthy, so we wiped it down with Krud Kutter and it looks good as almost-new!

So excited to put it in my living room.  When we picked it up, we thought we might recover it with funky fabric, but honestly it cleaned up so nice that I don't think it needs to be covered.


  1. What a great find! I get a lot of groans and eye-rolling from my husband to be when I suddenly begin demanding that we pull over to examine promising curbside furniture, but this just proves there are treasures to be had!

  2. Sarah, tell your hubs to shut it! :)

    I am pretty lucky to have a husband who is supportive of my garbage picking habit. Any time we pass an interesting pile of trash and I say, "Ooh!" Devon will slam on the brakes and stop for me!

  3. That's great. Every Monday and Thursday my husband and I head out at about 7 with the kids in the back seat and drive up and down the street looking for these treasures, our little ones are 3 and 8 months and we're pretty sure they haven't caught on yet. Amazing what some people consider trash, eh?

    Come check out my blog, we'd probably have a lot in common


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