Thursday, December 31, 2009

An email conversation between myself and my husband from earlier this week:

Me:  "What was that funny website you were telling me about that you thought I'd like? or something?"

Hubs:  "Check your chats from last night.  It was like itsnotright or something. "
(Sidenote:  We often communicate via Gmail chat in our home.  Sometimes when we're in the same room.  It's sad."

Turns out, the website I was thinking of was, or more specifically, the customer is not always right!

Basically it's a huge collection of hysterical, real* stories from people working in retail where they had a silly, strange, odd, bizarre conversation or experience with a customer.

I insist that you visit!  It is absolutely hilarious!  No seriously, you will get sucked in and spend hours on it.  It's horrifically addictive.

I'd like to share with you my own personal NotAlwaysRight story from several years ago when I was working at a major clothing retailer.  The customer I was helping was pregnant and she was looking for some clothes for her new baby.  I was trying to explain baby clothing sizes to her.  The conversation went like this:

Customer:  "I don't understand these baby sizes."

Me:  "Well, the sizes are really just guidelines.  '0-3' means it should generally fit a baby zero to three months old.  '3-6' means three to six months old, '6-9' means six to nine months old..."

Customer:  "Does that mean after the baby is born?"

 True story.  I love stupid people!  :)

*I do not really believe that all of the stories on NotAlwaysRight are real.  In fact, some of them sound like downright BS.   Particularly the one with the guy smeared in poo/the old lady in the car wash.

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