Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Favorites

Some awesome stuff on my Etsy radar that made it into my Favorites list this week...

  1. Strawberry Basket - Clutch Purse - Handmade from Vintage Fabric by lucyleonard
  2. fun retro Christmas ornaments made from eco friendly felt... set of 3 by rikrak
  3. Rolysoap - Your Choice by WashableArt
  4. Mushroom Scarflette BROWN by SharaLambethDesigns
  5. Squishy Marshmallow Love by scrumptiousdelight
  6. Nedward Flanders - Whiskerbears Moustachios 12/31 by philbarbato
  7. Neon neon felt pouch by nanno
  8. pair of rainbow soup mugs and one coffee mug by ModishVintage
  9. Strawberry WOODEN beads Assorted colors 15pcs by MimiLoLo
Do you have any new found favorites this week? Leave a comment! I'd love to see :)


  1. Thanks for featuring my Neon neon pouch! You have a great blog. Will definitely follow =)

  2. wow I love you blog! And I loove that neon felt pouch!

  3. Thanks again for the mention! You rock!


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