Monday, August 17, 2009

Stuff on Etsy - Pink Lemonade

I was totally just craving pink lemonade for some reason. It just sounds so fresh and thirst-quenching on this super hot, 90 degree day (although I'm at work in my lovely air conditioned office, but that's besides the point).

Here are some of my favorite pink lemonade themed handmade and vintage Etsy items.

  1. Pink Lemonade Bunny Mary Jane Shoes - Size 7 by Em and Sprout
  2. Ingenue Bracelet by Leaves of Glass
  3. Lemonade Stand Button Pack - Yellow Orange Pink Buttons Mix - Sewing Scrapbook Embellishment by Little Red Cottage
  4. Pink Lemonade Bath CUPCAKE Bomb Fizz Fizzy by My Other Princess
  5. Pink Lemonade Crochet Dishcloth/Washcloth by HCKCrafts
  6. Pink Lemonade Dahlia - Signed Fine Art Print - 5x7 by Moonlit Herbals
  7. Cherry Lemonade Recycled Necklace by Kenjiku
  8. Raspberry Lemonade 4 oz. Vegan Shea Butter Soap by Two Rivers Soaps

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  1. love the colors!.. this post is making me super thirsty for lemonade! ;)


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