Friday, August 14, 2009

A couple random photos...

I thought these were funny. Devon took them with his cell phone last night.

First, a photo of my hallway carpet:

Why? Well, because if you look closely, you will see some vertical skid marks made by startled kitty claws.

Soph was running laps around the apartment when I came out of the bedroom, and she nearly plowed right into me. Good thing she had those sharp little claws to dig into the carpet.

You can also see Joe's "baby" in the photo... a yellow ball of feathers on a string. It used to be attached to a stick and was excellent for making kitties fly through the air, but they must have yanked the stick off when they got it caught on something as they dragged it around the house.

Second, a photo of my living room crafting disaster/war zone:

You can see Soph lurking amongst the wreckage. She loves plastic bags. She loves to lay on them, play in them, leave her mousie in them, chew on them... She's a freak.

I dragged an end table (that we picked out of the garbage) in front of the couch, covered it with cardboard (for protection), and proceeded to empty my craft room into the living room. Devon is furious with me, I think, but the good TV is in there. HA!

P.S. Why YES, that IS a zebra print antique dresser on the right side of the photo, thank you for noticing! :)

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life. Love ya!

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  1. I was noticing the dresser right off! More photos & story on that, please!

    I have an unfinished chair in my sewing room that I want to paint all wacky.


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