Monday, August 24, 2009

Stuff on Etsy - Patchwork Skirts

My inner hippie desperately wants one of these skirts.

Every once in a while, we go camping at this crazy place called Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. It's a... special place. You have to be REALLY OPEN MINDED to camp there. And you cannot be surprised when a strange man with a long beard offers to sell you some shrooms out of his backpack. You just have to say, "No thanks," and not make eye contact, and you'll be fine. Once you get accept the fact that people are smoking weed everywhere you turn, you can begin to enjoy (safely, not-drugged-out-edly) the magic that is Nelson Ledges. (Seriously. It's a surprisingly fun, family friendly camp ground. I'm really worried my mom-in-law is going to read this and think I'm a stoner, but no! No, Diane! I'm a good girl! Haha)

But on the weekends in the summer, they have music festivals and tons of vendors set up booths selling all kinds of awesome handmade stuff, like tie dye tshirts and hemp jewelry and blown glass art and things... Which is why I love it. Not because I do drugs in the woods. I LOVE THE ART!!!!

But let me tell you, just about every dreadlocked, plugged ears hippie chick at those festivals has on no bra and one of those awesome handmade patchwork skirts. And they look so comfy and carefree!

I couldn't do the no bra thing... I'm too heavy up top for that. But I could TOTALLY do the comfy, carefree skirt thing!

So here are some of the cutest patchwork skirts I found on Etsy:

  1. Domo Kun Patchwork Skirt by Weezawear
  2. FIVE TIER SKIRT .circus by akattywampustale
  3. Caramel, Mocha, Milk Chocolate Skirt with Double Ruffles -- Custom any size by demandablue
  4. Psychedelic Garden Party Patchwork Skirt by LovelyLotusDesigns
  5. DANCING DREAM Tiered Ruffled Patchy Skirt by randompatch
  6. Wrap Patchwork Skirt with Ruffle - Handmade - Eco Friendly by hippiehousedesigns
  7. BIRD DOGS IN THE FIELD .skirt by akattywampustale
  8. Totally Earth-Friendly Patchwork Skirt - Handmade by hippiehousedesigns
Let's recap: Christine is not a stoner. (She may or may not have experimented back in her youth, but let's face it, she's 25 now and is too old for that crap.) She's just a wannabe hippie, just like her mom was in the 1970s. :)

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