Monday, August 10, 2009

Stuff on Etsy - Deer-themed Art

I was farting around last night on Etsy since it was my last day of vacation and I thinking I hadn't spent enough money yet this week so I was going to buy some more stuff that I don't need, and I started looking at original artwork, and somehow I found myself drawn to art with deer and fawns.

Here are some of my favorite deer-themed art pieces:

  1. OH DEER fine art print by boopsiedaisy

  2. Cute forest friends - Bee, Squirrel, Bambi and flowers collage poster print by GreenNest

  3. Woodland Friends (giclee print) by LucyLettice

  4. Cute Original Collage - oh dear, there goes the deer by Cabin

  5. Little fawn and mother deer - Fine art photograph, 8x8 by afiori

  6. PURPLE FAWN Print 8x11 by matilou

  7. The Newest and Oldest print by arawlins

  8. ACEO Oh Dear Pink Deer by SharonFosterArt

This collage turned out a little blurry, so you can see a much better quality image here, or better yet, just visit the links above to go to the sellers page!

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