Monday, August 10, 2009

Flea Market finds

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... I was on vacation this past week! So instead of sitting around on the computer (which I did a ton of anyway), Devon and I went on some adventures.

We took a mini road trip out to Auburn Hills, Michigan to visit the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, since Devon is a Mopar car nut. I thought the museum was mostly boring, but Devon loved it, and it got us out of the house and we got to do something different for once, so it was nice.

You can see the 300+ photos I took at the museum here:

More importantly (to me anyway), on Saturday, we went to a flea market! I was dying to get some vintage Pyrex, because I am suddenly obsessed with it, and Devon knew of this huge awesome flea market near his parent's house, so we made an afternoon of it and visited Jamie's Flea Market and a couple antique shops in Milan, Ohio (which is where Devon's parents live, and where he grew up) and then had dinner at Devon's parents house.

I didn't find any vintage Pyrex (sad face), but I did find some other awesome random vintage goodies. Check it out!

Mushroom cookie jar... from Sears, 1978. I about lost my mind when I found this.

Purple and gold ceramic cow salt/pepper shaker... doesn't she have the cutest little eyelashes? hee

Ceramic lamb planter... I think I'm going to take it to work and use it as a paperclip holder!

Tin strawberry tray... gonna put it on the wall in the kitchen, cause it's way too cute to actually use.

Check out my Flickr photostream and this set for more of my vintage goodies. (I don't have many yet, but I think I'm building a pretty cute little collection so far, hehe!)

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