Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yard Sale Goodies

Hurrah! I love summer. There are so many yard sales! You always have to have some time to kill at them... it's not like running into Target where you know exactly where everything is that you need because you go there so freaking frequently because you have a spending problem (heee). You have to have some time/patience to brooooowse.

I passed two promising-looking yard sales on my way home from work today, so I called Devon, and after I ran upstairs to pee, we met in the parking lot and off we went!

Here's what I picked up:

$0.75 - An old wooden silverware/drawer sorter... but I'm going to spray paint it hot pink and either a) hang it on the wall and display little goodies on it or b) use it as jewelry display for craft shows.

$1.00 - Our Fifty States, a National Geographic Picture Atlas from 1978. I'm going to rip it up to make nifty pendants. It has some special pictures. Oh yes.

$0.10 each - Some gorgeous sparkly blue clip-on earrings from god knows what era, but they're so cute and gem-stoney that I had to have them. I think I'll take the clips off the back and make (what else?) pendants!

$0.10 - Ceramic? Porcelain? Who cares. It's a friggin' tiny kitschy unicorn!

Total spent: $2.05


  1. I love garage sales too. Have fun with your treasures!

  2. What excellent finds...that unicorn is total treasure!!! Kitshy-cute!


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