Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Water Damage

Not really wordless, but there are lots of pictures...

This is what I have been dealing with this week:

Some pipes burst two floors above our apartment over the weekend. So far, our apartment complex has done nothing to repair the damage except set up a big fan aimed at the carpet, and it took them 4 days to do that.

We hired a lawyer to help us try to get out of our lease, because even though we've only been in this apartment 2 months, we're ready to get out. I have lived at this property since December, 2008, and I have had nothing but trouble with the management since Day 1.

I have also complained to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, so hopefully I will be hearing back from the Sanitarian who is helping us out sometime today.

So, wish us luck! Hopefully we won't be stuck in this apartment any longer than we have to be. I'm worried about mold. You should smell it in there. It's disgusting! Hopefully we won't die from toxic mold poisoning!

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  1. By the way, I am so pissed off about this.

    ♥ xtine

  2. Good insane is that?? Well, I hope you can get out of your lease (and I'm not sure why you couldn't after all of that) and find somewhere nicer!

  3. this reminds me of the apartment I was in a year and a half ago. We moved in June, and the following spring, just months shy of the lease being up, the roof started leaking. We called the landlord. He didn't respond. It rain again and again, it was a rainy spring. The roof leaked into the ceiling at least a few times a week. He refused to answer out calls. Did I mention the leak was in my bedroom? Right next to my closet, so I had to take all my clothes into the living room so they wouldn't get ruined. Meanwhile the ceiling & the carpet both started to grow mold, and the landlord didn't care because our lease was almost up. Did I mention that the entire duration of living there we had squirrels running around our ceiling too? So I was afraid a squirrel would hit the soft spot and come falling onto my bed in the middle of the night...
    FINALLY about a month before our lease was up, he sent someone over to look at it, but didn't fix it. And he knew we were moving out, and he showed the apartment to new teneants WITH THE WATER DAMAGE and MOLD not fixed! And he got some poor sucker to sign up to live there, with the stains and mold and stench. For $100 more a month than we were paying. Unbelievable!

  4. Hope things work out for you! Looks horrible, i think i would be going insane!
    Oh and i tagged you for the Whats on Your Desk Thursday (technically Wednesday) !!!
    Natalie :0)

  5. OMG!!! Those pictures show such a horrible scene!! I would be soooo stressed out, and I can only imagine how stressed you really are! I'm so sorry to hear about all the pains you're going through!!! Hope things pick up soon!!!


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