Friday, July 3, 2009

Stuff on Etsy - Fruity Home Decor

I'm obsessed with home decorating. Lately, we've been watching HGTv for like, hours, in the evenings. I love it.

So here are some pretty/funky handmade fruit-themed home decor items.

Why fruit?

I don't know. I'm hungry.
  1. Mosaic Mirror by Carmenas
  2. The Stand... by A Mischievous Marriage
  3. kiwi pillow by Pillow Happy
  4. Green Linen Scented Pear by Marvelous Martha V
  5. Decorative White Apple by LaLah
  6. Strawberry Print Sachet by Veronicasun


  1. I LOVE HGTV. I have it on right now!

  2. Love everything! I used to watch HGTV constantly but haven't in a while.....

  3. Unique and amazing selection of those home decorative stuff... Love the pillow and white apples!!


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