Friday, June 26, 2009

Product Review - Drug Store Shampoos

I don't know about you, but I loooove trying new beauty products.

Every time I run out of shampoo, I end up trying a different brand or scent, just to see how it works. However, I refuse to buy anything that costs more than $6, even for the giant bottles. I generally shop at Target, because they have a pretty good selection, their prices are great, and I'm there like twice a week anyway, so it's convenient.

Here are some of my fave shampoos and conditioners, all inexpensive, and all can be found at your basic drug store (although I've found that prices at say, CVS are WAY HIGHER than Target, but ok).

TRESemme Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner
I actually used this one for years. It's inexpensive and it has a nice smell that isn't too overwhelming. The commercials imply that this is a salon-quality product for non-salon prices, but I didn't really think it was salon-quality. Although, I've never really used any salon-quality products, because as I said before, I refuse to pay that much for them. But this shampoo/conditioner was pretty good. Like I said, I used it for years. It seemed to me like just a plain old generic shampoo, but at least it was better than Suave!

Herbal Esse
nces Clairol Replenisher Shampoo Colored/Permed/Dry/Damaged Hair
I used this product in high school, when it was cool to use Herbal Essences and they had those slightly scandalous orgasm commercials on TV all the time. I quit using it though, because after a while, the scent started to make me sick to my stomach. It's got a pretty strong scent. And there are different kinds, like for curly hair and for extra body and whatever, and they're all supposed to have different smells because they have different "botanicals" in them, but really they all smell the same.

I just recently started using Herbal Essences again, but they changed their image, I guess to make the product more hip, and I don't really like the new product. I prefer the old school version. You can't even find it anymore, except on the bottom shelf, all hidden away like a bad little kid in time-out. It's not even on the Herbal Essences website. The dry/damaged hair is my fave, because I absolutely wreck my hair with the blow drier and flat iron and all the color experimentation I do to it. Now, the overwhelming scent reminds me of a simpler crazier time... high school. :P

Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner
This is the one I'm using now. I freaking love it. I found it on sale at Target for like $5-something for a big huge jug of it with a nice little pump for easy dispensing. Plus, it came with a free sample size shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray all in a cute little case. I've also seen it where you can get a free purple kangaroo plushie when you buy it. It doesn't have a strong smell, but it does have a nice scent.

Normally, I have to load my hair up with smoothing and anti-frizz products to keep it straight in the stupid Cleveland weather (rain and/or humidity), but this shampoo requires no products! (Although I end up using them anyway, just to be safe, because that's all I need is to trust my shampoo too much and end up with freaked out hair.) It makes my hair soooo soft too. It even feels great after I blow dry and straighten it.

Ok, so there you have it. My three favorite drug store shampoo/conditioners.

What's your favorite hair product???


  1. Wal*Mart has a copy of NeXXus Humectress, which some people find too oily for their hair, but not on my brillo mop!

  2. Pantene is my fav...but I use the knock off brand at Wal-mart too. I mix it up to prevent the build up residue..if that's a true story.

  3. Garnier Fructis (sic?) has a leave in conditioner that I love! When I go out in the sun for an extended time, I wet my hair down, put it on there and deep condition.


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