Friday, June 26, 2009

New Resin Molds!

Hurrah! The new resin molds I ordered came today!

(Actually, I think they came a few days ago, but I have to have stuff shipped to my parents house because the Evil Managment of my crappy apartment complex will not hold packages for residents because they are big jerks/have no souls and I didn't pick up my mail until today.)

I order molds from Happy Married Artists on Etsy. They have tons of molds and other products for making resin projects. I buy stuff from them all the time.

I ordered three molds this time:

  1. Hearts
  2. Jewelry shapes
  3. Soap dish

Here's what they look like on my crafting table (please excuse the mess, tee-hee):

Look for new resin pendant shapes and super funky, sparkly soap dishes... coming soon to my Etsy shop! (I'm working on them already!)

Hope you enjoyed that little peek into my crafty madness. :)

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