Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poor xtine has a black eye.

Yes, I have a black freaking eye.

I was moving furniture in my craft room last night (woo, rearranging!) and I had a lamp chillin' on my futon, and when I went to pick it up, the cord was caught under a pillow or something so I yanked it and the cord flew back and hit me in the face. The little prong guys hit me! I'm actually pretty lucky it didn't hit me square in the eyeball because that would NOT have been awesome = blindness.

It's actually not really that bad, but it's pretty tender and it hurts so I'm going to whine about it as much as possible.

Also, it looks worse in person than in these photos. Seriously.

Pretty pathetic, huh.

P.S. Isn't my nose ring freaking sweet?!


  1. oh no! i hope it gets better soon :D

  2. awww does that count as a work injury? :) feel better!


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