Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Review - Urban Decay Eye Shadow

Dude seriously, this is the best eye shadow ever. EVER. I'm obsessed with it.

Urban Decay is my favorite makeup brand, mostly because they have crazy funky colors in all their products. Eye makeup is my favorite toy though.

Anyway, Urban Decay makes these eye shadows and they are seriously incredible. They come in like 800 colors in every shade of the rainbow (check out the Urban Decay page on for a list) and they're so so so smooth. You can smudge them or layer them and they look amazing. It's $16 for one pot of color, so it's definitely more expensive than some of the other drug store brands, but it's totally worth it because the quality is so much better.

Urban Decay also has this product called Eye Shadow Primer Potion:

If you're an eye makeup addict like I am, you need this in your arsenal. You just smooth some on your eyelids and put your eye shadow on over it, and let me tell you, your eye shadow will stay put ALL freaking day. The Primer Potion works with any kind of eye shadow, not just Urban Decay, which is nice.

Here are some of the looks you can create with Urban Decay eye shadows and other products:

I got these photos from their Get The Look page on the Sephora website, and if you check that page out, there are tutorials, hurrah! (If you click the photo, it will take you to the tutorial for that specific look.)

Some of my favorite Urban Decay eye shadow shades:

I am also rather partial to their Shadow Box Sets. I have these two:

The Shadow Box Sets are a great way to try a bunch of colors for a smaller price. The box sets are about $40 and you get to try 9 different shades. The actual quantity of shadow is less, but if you were to buy a 9 different color pots, you'd spend almost $150. I usually only buy the $16 shadow pots if it's a color I really really love, or if it's a color I can't get from one of the shadow sets.

I highly recommend you try this brand. I know you'll love it.

If you already use Urban Decay, leave me a comment with your thoughts! I'd love to hear about your favorite products. :)


  1. Oh great post! I love make up! :)

  2. Great review, I'd love to try their stuff! I tagged you, stop by ShimmerMeBlue if you'd like to play along!

  3. I love make up too. I'm mostly a MAC girl though.
    Drop me a line and your address at and I'll send you something crafty! Then you have to PIF!

    Jo ;)

  4. I love, love, love urban decay eye shadow!!


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