Monday, April 20, 2009

New Business Cards from

Check out my new business cards!

I just ordered them from the best website ever - !

If you order plain 1-sided business cards, they're less than $10 for 100. (They're actually only $3.95 for 100 but you have to pay shipping so that increases the price a bit. Stupid shipping!)

They are full color, and the website has tons of templates you can use (my original cards were pink with zebra print), or you can create your own (like I did here) for free.

You can even order matching magnets, post cards, sticky notes, mailing labels, and all kinds of other goodies (although that stuff tends to get a bit more expensive). I had some pink/zebra print post cards made that I tack up anywhere there's a community bulletin board. They're fab because they're so bright and colorful.

So anyway, if you're in need of business cards and you're super poor like me because your shop hasn't really taken off yet, try


  1. Really nice cards. BTW, I love the way you're doing your pics for Etsy. I'm eyeing the animal magnets!


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