Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lamp Shades

I'm totally obsessed with home decorating. HGTV is my favorite TV channel, and I could literally sit in a vegetative state for hours and watch it. Since I'm moving in 2 weeks, all I can think about is decorating. I don't actually have any money to put towards decorating, but it's fun to imagine how I'd do all my rooms anyway.

One of my favorite decorating features is lighting. I absolutely HATE over head lighting. Candace Olsen does it right, but apartment lighting sucks. It's never bright or cheery enough. This is why I have lots and lots of lamps! Hurrah! I even have a lamp on my desk at work because the fluorescent lighting is so NOT cozy.

I got this really cute table lamp at Target a couple months ago for my bedroom, and it's just a plain little thing with a white drum shaped shade.

Very plain, right? Well, I only have one. And now, all of a sudden, I need another one. Because Devon needs one on his side of the bed. I'm sure he has some kind of desk lamp or something that he could use, but it won't match! And non-matchy is unacceptable.

So I started searching today to see if I could find another one online (it's in stores only, bastards), and I stumbled across some really cool and funky lamp shades. I thought I'd share them with you now. (You can click on any of the images to view the website listing.)

This one from Target is sort of similar to mine. It comes in a couple different colors/patterns, but this blue and green wavy pattern is my fave. I just love the base... It's so plain and simple and deliciously boring.

I found these funky lamps on Overstock.com. It comes in five fun colors, and I'm totally digging the square shaped shade. Plus, it's under $50 which makes me happy since I'm poor.

I freaking love Ikea. These little lamp shades are not available online (grrr) but they're so cute I'd be willing to drive out of state to get them. Ok maybe not, but they are cute. They come in like 15+ colors and several different sizes and they're all under $15.

YUM. Two of my favorite colors, hot pink and lime green. These lamps are from PBteen (which is just a fancy name for Pottery Barn for teenagers) and also come in brown. I don't think the shades are that fabulous, but I'm in LOVE with the bases! Don't even go to PBteen website, because their shit is so cute, I seriously can't stand it. I don't care that I'm not a teenager. Haha!

Here's one from Etsy, yay! This seller, Yours Truly xoxo, makes custom shades. How freaking cool is the wine bottle base too? I love the fabric used to create this shade. The orange, brown, and tan colors on white are so retro. (FYI, this seller also makes jewelry and has some yummy vintage items too!)

I will never own this lamp, because it's $425 (omg), but it's freaking awesome so I wanted to share it anyway. It's from PureModern, which I have never heard of until now, probably because I am a middle class citizen. Oh well. Their website is cool. You can look at their stuff and pretend what you'd buy if you were unnecessarily rich.

Here's another one from Target. I think I only saw it in this red color, but I would pay big bucks for a zebra print one. :)

This recycled bottle lamp is from one of my favorite websites, PerpetualKid.com. You have to save your own six glass bottles to make this lamp. I can totally see this in some college dorm rooms made out of empty beer bottles.

If you know of any other really cool lamps, leave a comment or send me the link. I'd love to see them. :)

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  1. They are so cute. You can also look Ballard Designs. I saw there are lots of colourful lamp shades like these.


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