Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Featured Item - Coffee Cozies by Pritchke!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a really super cute coffee cup holder? Starbucks only has those boring recycled paper ones. Lame.

I have a solution to your problem:

Coffee Cozies by Pritchke!

Check out her Etsy shop. She makes super cute, colorful little crocheted cozies that wrap around your coffee cup to keep from burning your hands, just like those cardboard ones from Starbucks, but way way better.

They come in lots of cute colors. Here are some examples:

[[ Click the photo to view the item listing! ]]

Pritchke also makes really adorable scarves (for humans, not coffee cups):

[[ Click the photo to view the item listing! ]]

And how could I write a post about Pritchke without mentioning The Amazing Beard Hat! It's amazing! (This item photo cracks me up.)

[[ Click the photo to view the item listing! ]]

So make sure you get yourself over to Pritchke's Etsy shop and buy one of her cute crocheted items. You can also check out her blog at http://crochetbykerri.blogspot.com/

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