Thursday, March 12, 2009


I would like to take a quick moment to express my deep and profound love for this newfangled technology called Twitter.

It's really not that new. I've had an account for months and months, but when I first signed up, I thought it was stupid. Like, this is just text messaging. I can do this on my cell phone. So I never used it.

But then when I started doing Etsy stuff, I realized that everybody on Etsy is most likely also on Twitter, and they are using Twitter to promote their shops! Genius!

So I was like, ok fine, I'll give it another try. But I still didn't really LOVE it.

And then I downloaded this awesome contraption called TwitterFox. It's a freaking awesome gadget thingy that you add on to Mozilla Firefox (because nobody uses Explorer anymore, unless they are crazy and want lots of viruses and no protection or awesomeness!). After you install TwitterFox (and I highly suggest that you do), a little T icon appears in the bottom right corner of your Firefox screen, and when you click on this little icon, your Twitter history pops up, and all your Twitter friends are there, and you can write messages and replies and keep track of your Twittering all whilst fooling your computer illiterate boss! Hurrah!

Just kidding. Don't Twitter at work.

I also figured out how to link my Twitter account with my Facebook account. I hate Facebook. I never go on there because it's annoying and I have like 500 other accounts that I have to keep track of (email, MySpace, Etsy, now Twitter, Project Wonderful, ArtFire, the list goes on...). So now, every time I update my Twitter, it will change my "status" on my Facebook account to whatever I Twittered!

And, I figured out how to Twitter right from my cell phone! So even when I'm not connected to my computer, I can still be connected to Twitter and tell all my new Twitter friends all my interesting random thoughts. Fabulous.

Anyway, it's lots of fun, and TwitterFox makes it so easy and also it is highly effective in promoting your Etsy shop. (I have not actually gotten any sales from it, but I get lots of views and increased traffic = good.)

If you would like to follow me on Twitter (I'll follow you back!), find me here:


  1. I have an account, but I haven't used it yet. Too many things to keep track of. Thanks for the tips though :) good to know if I decide to jump into that boat.

  2. I LOVE FIREFOX and who seriously uses Explorer anymore lol
    But I'm happy ur having twitter joy :D

  3. I've always thought that twitter just seemed stupid but maybe i'll try it. You might have converted me :D

    (also your kitty is so cute i can barely stand it)


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