Monday, March 23, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion: Resin Pendants!

Tons of new items added to my Etsy shop this weekend. I worked my ass off on some sparkly new resin pendants, and they took me all weekend (mostly because of stupid curing time) but they turned out awesome!

So here's a little shameless self promotion of some of my latest/greatest items:

[[ Click on the images to view the item listing! ]]

I also added some fun new glass pendants this weekend as well, just to keep things interesting:

[[ Click on the images to view the item listing! ]]

Don't forget, I offer FREE SHIPPING on my Featured items, and they change all the time so there's always something new!

I am also offering 20% OFF your entire purchase (not including shipping) from my shop for my beloved blog readers through 3/31/09! Just mention this blog when you check out!

Make sure you take advantage of these fabulous offers! :)

Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the resin pendants. I'm totally obsessed with them. Seriously, Devon is probably ready to kill me because yesterday, every second sentence out of my mouth was, "OMG I want to play with my resins!" "I love my resin pendants!" "Dude, don't you freaking love resin?!" Yeah. Haha!


Leave me some love.


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