Friday, March 20, 2009

Adventures with Shoes

Janine and I have had an interesting time in the office this week. We've had some shoe experiences.


The other day, Janine went to the bathroom, and she came back about 20 seconds later, and she hissed in my ear, "I think there's a man in the bathroom!" So we giggled a little and she explained that when she went in there, there was a dolly with a bunch of boxes stacked on it right by the bathroom door. And when she went into the stall, she heard some weird noises, and looked down, and there were a pair of big black work boots sticking out from under the stall door.

So she was totally freaked and came running back to the office, and as she was telling me this story, we heard the UPS guy telling another secretary down the hall about how he had accidentally used the ladies room.

Janine was like, "I KNEW IT WAS A MAN!!!"

So that was like two days ago.


This afternoon, she went to go to the bathroom, and she opened the door, and this is what she saw:

It gave me the creeps, seriously! I mean, who does that? Is someone trying to play a joke on us? We got one of the doctors to look at it and he immediately started blaming the weirdo dentist who works across the hall (and who will occasionally use our private waiting room to hold his office meetings, and who I also suspect enjoys sexually harassing women, but I won't make any accusations). He has the type of creepy sense of humor where he might do that.

Turns out, it was actually a patient of ours who had stepped in dog shit and didn't want to get it on our carpet. So he kindly took his shoes off before entering the waiting room.

So really, that was pretty nice of him, even if it was really weird and freaked the receptionists out. (My question: Was it really necessary to aim them at the door like it was a ghostly presence trying to enter our office?)


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