Saturday, February 21, 2009


Devon and I (and by "Devon and I", I mean just Devon because he has all the cash money) bought an external hard drive this week. It has 1 terabyte of storage. It gets to live at my house and be friends with my laptop.

Right now we have 931 GB free space. Muahahaha!

I am currently transferring my 16+ GBs of music files onto the new shiny hard drive. It'll be done copying in an hour and a half, approximately, and then I'm going to do my photos.

It's a pretty spacey looking machine. The little blue light flashes back and forth. It makes me happy inside. It's made by Western Digital, which I'd never heard of but I think Devon said it was a good brand. (He would never buy anything crappy re: technology. Except our wireless router which cost $10 and does not work so I have no wireless internet and must constantly sit at my desk instead of taking my laptop into the bathroom with me which means I have nothing to read when I'm in there for a while.)

Anyway, I'm pumped to back up all my super important information (pictures and music) and reformat my computer. It needs it bad. Ok bye!

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  1. external hard drives are the best! i have all my music and pictures on there too and it's a safe feeling when your computer crashes and all your pics didn't go with it lol


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