Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ok, we got a Dremel. Hurrah! New toy!

Devon's dad had an old one he wasn't using so he gave it to us to do crafts... I mean, manly drilling and grinding of masculine objects like steel. Yeah.

It's sort of an old, sad looking Dremel. It clearly has seen better days, and has definitely been around the block more than once. I'm excited to have it though. I want to drill little tiny holes in stuff. It will be perfect for when I figure out how to make pendants out of resin. (I tried to make some glitter ones in the mold I got from Michaels, but I got really impatient and didn't let the mold release spray dry on the mold before pouring the resin so now the dried glitter pendants won't come out of the mold because I'm an idiot.)

So this is the Dremel we got:

And this is the Dremel I want because I'm a spoiled brat:

I'm going to try to get someone to get it for me for my birthday in a couple of months. It's just so pretty and shiny. It's called the Dremel Stylus. Mmm. It's cordless and that little cute base it sits on charges it when you're not using it, and it's shiny and has lots of attachments and it has Lithium-Ion technology (whatever that means... I think it has to do with the battery) and ergonomic design (also, whatever that means) and it's just so freaking pretty. I feel like I could give myself a manicure with it. They should make a pink one and market it to morons like me would would eat that shit up.

And these are my cats playing with the Dremel because
they are nosy and also there was a string tied around the cord:

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