Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Oh my golly, it's Christmas in February!

I got FOUR packages in the mail today! FOUR! Watch me dance!

Package #1 = New clothes! That I stupidly bought from OldNavy.com because it takes like one click to check out. Bastards. Anyway, hurrah new tshirts and comfy tank tops!

Package #2 = Zippie pouches! (See my previous posts.) Hurrah, I love things that can carry other things! Thank you so much, Madame Cupcake! They are FABULOUS. (I tried to get a picture of Daisy in one of the pouches but she wouldn't cooperate.)

Package #3 = Silver plated bails I've been waiting for so I can finish my groovy tie dye Scrabble pendants (tonight's activity).

Package #4 = Business cards! Hot pink and zebra pattern, mmm. They are super fly. I feel so professional.

Now that I have ripped everything open like a crazed child and my kitties are playing with the packing peanuts and my ratties have a new cardboard box house and I'm sitting in my bra because I had to try all my new clothes on (sexy), I think I will go make dinner. :)


  1. hey chickie! i am now following you on twitter, following your blog and i posted about you : heee

    i'm so happy you like your pouches! and i'm glad we have become friends! (beause now since i'm stalking you, we HAVE to be friends right? hahaha)

  2. duh, the whole reason for my comment was to ask where you got your business cards???

  3. ooo I love ordering from Old Navy and GAP....


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