Friday, February 13, 2009

Nine thousand.

Holy crap.

We got our 9000th patient at my office today.

(We don't currently see 9000 people, but there are 9000 entries in our patient log system, so 9000 people have made appointments with us at one time or another. [Whether they came to those appointments is a different story entirely.])

Given the day that I've had, I feel that 9000 patients is too many for an office our size. We have 7 doctors/counselors and only two office staff (myself and Janine ... and Debbie too but she's only here 5 hours a week so I'm not going to count her because I'm crabby and I want her here more!)

One of the patients here works at an office in the area, and at her office, there are like, two doctors, and they have THIRTY OFFICE GIRLS. THIRTY. THIRTY! (*#%^@!)

Oh it just makes me sick. What could they possibly have to do all day?

I know. I bet they run an incredibly EFFICIENT office. I bet all their patients love them. Sigh.

Ok I'm going home early. (That's why I love my job!)

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