Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photography Tips

If you search the Etsy forums or the Storque, you will find a kajillion pages on how to improve your item photos.  But that's ok because this post is different.

I have spent the past few weeks gathering information and talking to Etsy sellers, and I have come up with a list of some fabulous tips for taking really great item photos for your Etsy shop.

So if you are looking for some tried and true tips that really work for real, actual human beings, read on.

Keep in mind too that most of these sellers have dinky little point-and-shoot cameras (not crazy expensive, high tech photography equipment) and they are taking amazing photos with them!

Ok, here we go:

 From Janie of LifeArtDesigns:

"Don't be afraid to experiment with your camera. You can always delete. And become best friends with your manual. Lastly, be patient, your photos will improve if you keep working at it."

From Just A Note-Cards:

"Use a light box. That's the first theing I did to improve my picts. Also, I know this takes more time afterward but, photoshop your images because using a light box will add a yellow glow to your picts."

 From Lauren of Black Cat Crafts:

"Make yourself a light box. There are tons of tutorials on the web and they're pretty easy to make. Great for photographing jewelry!"

 From Michelle of Michelle's Clay Corner:

"I agree with the light box. I made one not too long ago and it really helped. I love using outdoor shots in the warmer months when my flowers are in bloom I use background flowers that compliment my clay figurine colors. Or sometimes just the green trees in the background look nice. Lots of great light is key but diffuse it so shadows don't come in to play. Also an interesting pose or shot for the first display photo is the best way to get people to click on your item."

 From Laurel and Ivy:

"For taking pictures of clothing, picking a distinctive background that you love is key. It takes some trial and error, but staging photo shoots in various locations lets you test things out. Also, lighting is key! Every location is different, so knowing at what time (i.e. 2-3 pm) gives your setting the best lighting will help you structure your day and get the best photo results."

 From Fish Princess Designs:

"Get to know your camera settings. Take some sample shots using them. Test out what changes you can make using the white balance controls, macro settings, etc.

Invest in a tripod-it will help you take much sharper shots with even the most basic camera!"

 From Beth of Wilde Designs:

"Honestly? My best shots have come when I put a pretty background down and take the shots in front of a nice sunny window. Someday I will perfect the light box, but for now those are the absolute best experiences I've had."

 From FunRetro:

"I'm not very good when ti comes to staging, but what has helped me a lot is NATURAL lighting. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I have gotten since I changed my lighting (and lots more sales too)."

Thank you to all the sellers who gave their advice for this post!  You guys rock :)

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I'm having the biggest trouble with my lighting and my first box was an epic fail. In fact, that may be an understatement. I'm not really home when there is a lot of light out though and I hate to wait for sunny days to take pictures. I think I may give the light box another try. Thanks again!


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