Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yoga For Fat People

I ordered a yoga video the other week that I read about in Real Simple (my favorite magazine ever ever ever), and I finally got around to trying it yesterday and it was HAAAAAAARD.  I know no one ever said yoga was supposed to be easy, but come on.

The video is called Yoga to the Rescue : Neck and Shoulders.  It sounded really simple and awesome for stress relief so that's why I thought I'd try it.  I think it will be wonderful once I get a little more flexible.  :)

I am a beginner yoga student, and this was supposedly a beginner video, but I must be a beginner beginner extra plus plus because this video was freaking hard.  And also the instructor was a skinny bitch with rock hard abs and she was very nice but I still felt very squishy and out of shape.

So, because I was feeling squishy and a teensy bit grumpy and sarcastic, I did a Google search for "yoga for fat people."  I didn't actually think I'd get any results, but I did!  I was so excited!  Because let's be honest, fat people who are just starting an exercise regimen exercise very differently than skinny/in-shape people.

I found this video that I'm so excited to try!  It's called Yoga: Just My Size and it's for fat people, hooray!

They have it for like $55 on which is completely insane, but I found it on for like $8 but it's out of stock so I'm waiting for it to become available and then I'm going to order it and try it and get really skinny and make everyone jealous and make my own yoga video and wear tiny, slutty skirts and be rich.

No just kidding.

But I am very excited that I found it and I'm really looking forward to trying it!  It makes me really happy that there are so many different options for us squishy folks because seriously, losing weight and getting in shape sucks and is the hardest thing ever (harder than quitting smoking for me, I kid you not),  so it's really nice to know that there are options and help is out there and it doesn't have to be quite so hard as we think it is.  :)

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