Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glasses and headaches - good news!

I had an appointment this morning for an eye exam with a new eye doc.  The doctor I saw two years ago was kind of bitchy and made me feel like I was lying when she asked me "Which one is better?  This one or this one?  Ok now which one is better?  This one?" so I decided to find a new doc.

Anyway, so I had my appointment this AM and he told me that the reason I am getting terrible headaches is because one of the medications I am on to help me sleep (Gabapentin) causes your pupils to dialate a teensy bit which causes a teensy bit of blurriness in your vision.  Combine that with the fact that I'm a teensy bit nearsighted and that I work on a computer for 8+ hours a day, and BAM!  HEADACHES!!!!!


*dance dance dance*

The doctor also said that the prescription the other bitchy doctor gave me two years ago was WAY TOO STRONG.  (Actually he said "too God damn" strong but I don't want to offend any readers!)

So basically I have to a) stop taking that stupid medication (that hasn't really been helping me sleep anyway) and b) get new reading glasses! 

Hooray, new glasses! 

I just ordered some from the best website ever, Zenni Optical, which you should visit if a) you need new glasses and b) you like inexpensive things.  And c) if you like crazy frames!!

I ordered THREE PAIRS and only spend $62, including shipping.  Niiiice.  Now, it'll take 3 or so weeks for them to be delivered to me, but that's ok.  It's worth the wait.

Check out the frames I ordered:

Heck yes!  :)

In the red/black stripe, of course.  Because it doesn't look red, it looks hot pink!!

In the black and clear purple.  Oooh, ahhh.

Now come on.  You would NEVER find glasses like that at your optomotrists office!  And if you did, they'd cost you $200!

So, if everyone could do me a favor and pray really hard that changing my medication and wearing reading glasses at work will help/fix my headaches, that would be sweet!  ♥ 

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