Monday, December 28, 2009

RIP Petey-Pie and Daisy

Petey-Pie and Daisy
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Goodbye my fuzzy ratty babies. You were good girls who always cleaned up spilled snacks such as popcorn, Wheat Thins, yogurt drops, and cat food. You were not friends with the kitties, but that's ok - it was not in your nature to behave nicely to predators.

Petey, I am sorry that you got those crazy tumors that looked like giant testicles hanging off your abdomen. You weren't a very friendly ratty, but you were coming around there at the end. Thanks for never biting me. (Petey died 12/4/09.)

Miss Daisy Mae, you were the best rat I ever had, hands down. You were freaking awesome, seriously. I am so sorry you go so sick at the end. I'm sorry you had to suffer. You were a good little squishy girl. (Daisy passed on 12/28/09.)

I'll miss you both, fuzzies. I hope there are tons of delicious snacks and lots of blankets to play in in Ratty Heaven.

Rest in peace, girls!

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